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Nora (Set of 2 chairs)

Nora (Set of 2 chairs)

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Meet our subtle diva, Nora, by Mowelli.

Nora's always been fond of dancing. So much so, that before she found her true calling as the most elegant & fun dining room chair in the world, she dreamt of a professional career in dancing. Maybe that's also the reason there's no better chair out there for hosting dinner parties. After all, the only thing Nora prefers above dancing herself, is being danced upon. 

Nora's got a seating height of 45cm and is made out of Natural ash wood. 100% solid wood.

Equiped with the most comfortable armrests and a solid seating she's the ultimate pleaser.

Total height 78cm
Height arms 68cm (lower end)
Seat height 45cm
Width seat 50cm 
Width legs 53cm
Width arms 55cm

Adopt Nora & Upgrade your home!

Nora's available per set of 2 units in natural wood, black or walnut colour.

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