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Harry (Set of 2 chairs)

Harry (Set of 2 chairs)

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Meet the magical barstool, Harry, by Mowelli

"You're a barstool, Harry" were the magical words that changed this lean and minimalistic barstool's life.

Always feeling left out, Harry, at the start, didn't really get why he never felt at home around a regular table with the other chairs. It's not that he got bullied or anything, it's just that he always felt different. This all changed when a young bartender, unwise beyond his years, moved Harry in front of his famous bar and uttered the magical words "You're a barstool Harry". Ever since this day, Harry has stolen the show at the bar and has been the go to barstool for anyone striving to fill his home with a trendy and modern vibe. 

Total height 73cm
Seat height 65cm
Width legs 47cm

Adopt Harry & Upgrade your home!

Harry is available per 2, in Black & has a seating height of 65cm.

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